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Processor Nodes

To understand how use FFAStrans, you have to understand how it works. It works by a sequence of processor nodes where each node runs one after the other. You have to choose a first node, which continues to the second if the conditions are met, then to the third if the conditions are met, etc. The running direction of the processor nodes is from left to right. There is an input and/or an output and each output goes into an input.

Node Presets : The FFAStrans 1.x Version brings a useful feature calls “preset”(located at the top of each node). You can set your node as you want and save it to become a preset. This one can be renamed, copied, exported, imported, called back (for the same kind of node) and deleted.
At last, you can lock your preset to avoid settings modify. However, please note that the preset itself is not locked. It can still be modified in another node and saved, thus changing the preset settings for all nodes using that preset.

There are 8 categories :


Node Description
Canon-XF Monitor folder for Canon-XF files.
Folder Monitor folder for files.
FTP Monitor FTP-server for files.
GoPro Monitor folder for GoPro and concatenates spanned clips.
Image Sequence Monitor folder for images sequences.
Panasonic P2 Monitor folder for Panasonic P2 files.


Node Description
A/V media Decodes and prepares audio/video files for AviSynth filters.
Stills Decodes and prepares still images for AviSynth.
Youtube Processes internet shortcuts from YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram etc. Compatible with shortcuts from: Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome. Windows, OSX or Linux


Node Description
Loudness Analyse audio with the EBU-R128 method.
Interlacing Analyse media for interlacing and save to variable. Integer variable needed(%i_variable%).
Video Quality Analyzer to compare processed video with a reference file. Includes the VMAF algorithm developped and used by Netflix.


Channel MapperWith this filter you can mix audio channels.
Color ConversionConvert between color spaces.
CropCrops video. Option to maintain video size.
Custom AviSynth scriptAs the title says. You can make your own scripts and save them as presets.
DeinterlaceDeinterlace video.
FadeFades audio/video in and/or out.
FlipFlips video horizontal or vertical.
FPS ConverterForces FPS to the selected rate.
Insert MediaInsert video at insert point.
Linear TransformationApply matrices of linear transformation with 16bit planar precision to convert color curves.
NormalizeGain audio level to max without clipping.
PadAdds border/edges to video.
ResizeResize video/stills. Accepts interlaced source.
ReverseReverses audio/video. (No GUI).
Safe Color LimiterSafe luma and chroma levels (0.0-0.7V) in Limited TV Range.
Swap FieldSwaps field order. (No GUI).
TimecodeOverlays timecode on video.
Video LayerOverlays a video over video. Must be unconpressed AVI format. Accepts video with alphachannel.
WatermarkOverlays an image over video. Must be in PNG format. Accepts stills with alpha channel.


AVC-IntraEncodes to AVC-Intra in 50, 100Mbits or 200Mbits as MXF.
Audio extractionExtracts audio from media to one or more output files.
Avid DNxHDEncodes to Avid DNxHD format as MXF or MOV.
Avid DNxHREncodes to Avid DNxHR format as MXF or MOV.
Custom FFmpegEnables the use of customized encoding using FFMpeg. User can also save templates for later use.
DV/DVCPROEncodes to DV format.
DVDCreates DVD compatible file or complete iso-files ready for burning to disc.
Generic MPEGEncodes MPEG1 or MPEG 2 video and PCM, MPEG2 or MP3 audio.
H.264Encodes x264 video and AAC audio.
H.265/HEVCEncodes x265 video (HEVC) and AAC audio.
IMX D-10Encodes to IMX-D10 format as MXF or MOV.
Prores AW/KSEncodes to FFmpegs Prores AW/KS variants as MOV.
StillsEncodes to still images or sequences.
UncompressedEncodes to uncompressed audio/video.
Windows MediaEncodes to Windows Media as WMV format.
XAVCEncodes to XAVC format as MXF.
XDCAM-HDEncodes to XDCAM-HD 422 format as MXF or MOV.


Node Description
FolderDelivers processed media to folder.
FTPDelivers files to FTP-server.


Node Description
Command executorExecutes a command. Use %source% to insert source file.
Generate text fileCreates a text file.
HTTP communicateSends a text to an URL.
Send e-mailSends an e-mail to one or more recipients.


Node Description
ConditionalPerforms conditional evaluations of expressions.
ForeachDynamically creates branches based on the array iteration. Values from the iteration can be saved to user defined variable.
HoldWaits for other nodes or a specified length.
Populate variablesPopulates user variables.

Node Description
Insert WorkflowForwards the job and all it's data to another workflow. The called workflow will inherit the properties of the parent workflow but farming properties are optional.

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