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Image Sequence Monitor


Watch folder for image sequence.

Original Manual

This monitor will check folders for image sequence. By default it will search for matching file patters that include numbers.

Set folder that will be monitored. May be local or UNC. Supports variables and drag'n drop.

Accept/Deny files

Here you can define what kind of files that will be accepted or denied. Supports wild card (*) and question mark(?) for single character. Multiple file names can be separated by pipe (|). Both "Accept" and "Deny" fields can be defined. Supports variables.

(Accept) Example: «*.mov|boat*.mxf» will seek for any kind of .mov file and any kind of .mxf file starting with «boat»

(Deny) Example: «Thumb.db|*.wav» will skip any .wav files and «Thumb.db» files generated by Windows.

Deny folders

This enables you to skip folders. Supports wild card (*) and question mark (?) for single character. Multiple folders can be separated by pipe (|).

This option requires "Recurse" to be enabled.

Create folder

If this is checked, FFAStrans will automatically create, if it does not exist, the folder specified under «Folder».


This option seeks into sub-directories of the folder specified.

Forget missing files

With this option enabled, FFAStrans will synchronize the files history to the actual files. This enables you to remove an already processed file, wait a sleep cycle, and add the same file back again and it will be picked up.

Accept digits

Sets the number patter to search. E.g. 000 will search for files pattern with three digits.

Interlaced input

Sets the scan type of the still frames.

Minimum number of frames

Specifies the minimum number of frames in continuously order before accepting the input pattern.


Sets the frame rate of which the sequence should be processed.

Rebuild history

This button make FFAStans register files already present in the monitored folder. Use this if you want to skip existing files prior to starting the workflow.

Clear history

This does the opposite of "Rebuild cache". Any files registered by the monitor will be unregistered, and thus FFAStrans will start processing the files once again. This is equivalent as "starting from scratch".

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