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FFAStrans User Interface

The GUI (Graphical User Interface) has 3 main parts.

Workflow Manager Menu

Create and Manage Worfklows and enable/disable Watchfolders. Note that the start and Stop function is only relevant if you have any Watchfolder Nodes in your workflow.

  • Left Click :

  • Right Click :

  • Start - Starts Watchfolders.
    • Relevant for workflows that contain watchfolder Nodes only.
  • Stop - Stops watchfolders.
    • Relevant for workflows that contain watchfolder Nodes only.
  • Enable - Activates ability to Start watchfolders
    • Also enables API to submit Jobs to this workflow
  • Disable - Makes the workflow unuseable by API and one cannot Start watchfolders even by accident
  • Submit File(s) - Submit file(s) manually (browser).
  • Submit File from Input - Enter full path to submit.
  • Reset - Clear media Cache History.
  • Move Workflow to… - Move workflow to a folder.
  • Rename - rename Workflow.
  • Delete - Delete Workflow.
  • Duplicate - Duplicate Workflow.
  • Archive - Open a window to retrieve archived versions of the workflow(Date and Hour). Note that you can always return to the latest.
  • Properties - Edit Workflow Properties. See Workflow properties

Workflow Canvas Menu

Create, manage, edit your Processors Nodes.

  • Left Click :
    • On grid : Hold click to move into canvas.
    • On processor's center : Hold click to move Node.
    • On processor's header : Configure Node.

  • On output link(blue square) : Hold click and release on next node to connect.
  • + Shift : Copy selection.
  • + Ctrl : Delete selection.
  • Double-click on Processor's center : Edit node text.
After changes, the header on a pink background indicates a change in the workflow canvas that has not been saved. Type Crtl+S to save or click on Workflow Manager and choose 'YES' to the warning box.

  • + Ctrl on connection to delete it.
  • + Alt lasso functionality for selecting several nodes in the editor(new in version 1.2).
  • Right Click :
    • On Node : Node menu.
      • Submit File(s) to : Submit file(s) manually (browser).
      • Submit File from input : Enter full path to submit.
      • Bypass Processor : On/Off.

  • On Node Input(green square) : Select execute on success, error or any case.

  • On Grid : Canvas menu.
    • Insert Processor : Create new node(by category).
    • Auto Arrange : Reorganize all nodes.
    • Enable Snapping : Enable snapping to the grid.

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