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FFAStrans User Interface


  • File
    • Import workflow(s) : Imports valid workflows packs (. json) into FFAStrans. It also supports importing legacy (. xml) files.
    • Export workflow(s) : Exports the selected workflow as an .ini file. If a folder i selected, all the workflows within that folder are exported.
    • Export all workflows : Exports all the workflows in FFAStrans.
    • Shut down FFAStrans farm : Shuts down and exits all instances of FFAStrans in the farm. In order to give some farm protection you need admin credential to perform this operation.
    • Exit FFAStrans : Exits the local instance of the FFAStrans Workflow Manager. Note that this will not stop a running FFAStans service.
  • Workflows
    • Search workflows : Opens a free text search window. Also works with Ctrl+F.
    • Start all enabled workflows : Start all enabled workflows
    • Stop all running workflows : Stop all running workflows
    • Enable all disabled workflows : Enable all disabled workflows
    • Disable all enabled workflows : Disable all enabled workflows
  • Options
    • Show status monitor : Opens the FFAStrans monitor where you can monitor and abort jobs being executed by workflows. If the FFAStrans folder is on a shared path, the monitor can be opened by any computer with access to the shared path. The status monitor can also be run without starting the main GUI by running FFAStrans.exe with “-monitor” as argument.
    • Configuration : Opens the global configuration for FFAStrans.
    • User variables : Opens the user variables windows to manage user variables and statics.
    • Clear all job work cache : Clear all cache files from work folders. NOT available in passive mode! Warning: Make sure NO jobs are running when performing this operation.

General Interface

Workflow Manager Menu

Create and Manage Worfklows and enable/disable Watchfolders. Note that the start and Stop function is only relevant if you have any Watchfolder Nodes in your workflow.

  • Left Click :

  • Right Click :

  • Start - Starts Watchfolders.
    • Relevant for workflows that contain watchfolder Nodes only.
  • Stop - Stops watchfolders.
    • Relevant for workflows that contain watchfolder Nodes only.
  • Enable - Activates ability to Start watchfolders
    • Also enables API to submit Jobs to this workflow
  • Disable - Makes the workflow unuseable by API and one cannot Start watchfolders even by accident
  • Submit File(s) - Submit file(s) manually (browser).
  • Submit File from Input - Enter full path to submit.
  • Reset - Clear media Cache History.
  • Move Workflow to… - Move workflow to a folder.
  • Rename - rename Workflow.
  • Delete - Delete Workflow.
  • Duplicate - Duplicate Workflow.
  • Archive - Open a window to retrieve archived versions of the workflow(Date and Hour). Note that you can always return to the latest.
  • Properties - Edit Workflow Properties. See Workflow properties

Workflow Canvas Menu

Create, manage, edit your Processors Nodes.

  • Left Click :
    • On grid : Hold click to move into canvas.
    • On processor's center : Hold click to move Node.
    • On processor's header : Configure Node.

  • On output link(blue square) : Hold click and release on next node to normal connect(See Undertand priority connection).
  • On output link(blue square) then hold shift : Hold click and release on next node to priority connect(See Undertand priority connection).
  • + Shift : Copy selection.
  • + Ctrl : Delete selection.
  • Double-click on Processor's center : Edit node text(Picture A), set your job processing slot and set your hosts group(Picture B,1 and 2).

  • + Ctrl on connection to delete it.
  • + Alt lasso functionality for selecting several nodes in the editor(new in version 1.2).
After changes, the header on a pink background indicates a change in the workflow canvas that has not been saved. Type Crtl+S to save or click on Workflow Manager and choose 'YES' to the warning box.
  • Right Click :
    • On Node : Node menu.
      • Submit File(s) to : Submit file(s) manually (browser).
      • Submit File from input : Enter full path to submit.
      • Bypass Processor : On/Off.

  • On Node Input(green square) : Select execute on success, error or any case.

  • On Grid : Canvas menu.
    • Insert Processor : Create new node(by category).
    • Insert Workflow : Forwards the job and all it's data to another workflow.
    • Auto Arrange : Reorganize all nodes.
    • Enable Snapping : Enable snapping to the grid.

Understand priority connection

A priority connection (brown line) allows to prioritize a workflow's branch. This means this “priority” branch will go to the end before a normal connection starts.

This animation explains how it works :

How to create a priority connection :

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