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Upgrade Procedure from previous FFAStrans versions to 1.0.0+

The following procedure is to upgrade the existing database with all it's settings, workflows and monitor history. If you're doing a fresh install of 1.0.0+. but want to have the workflows only from your previous installation, you can export them as XML and import into 1.0.0+.
Please note that you cannot have two different versions of FFAStrans running on the same host simultaneously.


  • Make sure no job is running in your current installation.
  • If not already running, start the FFAStrans Workflow Manager and stop ALL running workflows.
  • Stop the “FFAStrans REST API” windows service on all nodes that run FFAStrans service and close all running FFAStrans Worfklow Manager applications. This also includes the inbuilt status monitor.
  • BACKUP the current FFAStrans installation directory, containing FFAStrans.exe, Workflows and Processors Folders - keep this backup safe.
  • Extract the files from FFAStrans 1.0 download to some temporary directory - DO NOT START the FFAStrans.exe, otherwise you must delete the whole directory and extract again.

From this point and in case of unexpected errors, you can always discard the upgraded installation and go back to your backup at any time.


  • Copy/Paste FFAStrans Version 1.0 files to the directory of your old installation. This must prompt you to overwrite FFAStrans.exe and several other files (339 files for me). Make sure all files are being replaced.

First start:

  • Start FFAStrans.exe.
  • If the next step does not work for you, there is something wrong and you need to start over again with a fresh extraction of the 1.0 files and a new copy of your old FFAStrans directory you want to upgrade.
  • At the “Welcome to FFAStrans 1.0.0” Popup, click “OK”. Your configuration and workflows should now be upgraded automatically.

After the upgrade:

  • If you're running FFAStrans as a service, please upgrade the service credentials.
  • Please make sure your workflows and nodes looks OK in the editor.
  • Start your workflows one by one and test that they works as expected.
  • Finally, please report any anomalies or bugs related to the upgrade.


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