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Example of workflows with Plugin proc "AV MXF OpAtom"(Decoders category node) and "Files_delete"(other category node):

Line 1 : Rewrap OpAtom file(s) to Op1A, delivery it(them) into the original file(s) folder and delete original file(s).
Line 2 : Decode OpAtom file(s), encode it(them) into XDCAM HD and delivery it(them).

Workflow 1

Set the “Monitor” processor to accept only *V01*.mxf (only the video file of the OpAtom structure).
Then, you need to create 2 user variables :

  • %s_ffinputline%
  • %s_list_of_files%

(*Change the second node if you want to delivery elsewhere)
Beware! The original OpAtom files will be deleted, make sure this is what you want!

Workflow 2

This workflow will just pick up OpAtom files, decode and encode them into what you want.
No need to create any user variable, just set your encoder node and your delivery node.


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