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Important note about FFmpeg and AviSynth questions.

Posted: Thu Dec 10, 2015 8:50 pm
by admin
Both the "Custom FFmpeg" and "Custom AviSynth-script" are available for you to do things within FFAStrans that are not natively featured. And so they require a generic knowledge of FFmpeg and AviSynth to make it work. Official documentation can be found here:

Also, there are plenty of resource pages on the internet for both these two systems.

I'm keen to help everyone to get the most out of FFAStrans but I don't have the resources do generic FFmpeg or AviSynth support. So here are the guidelines:

All requests/questions about either systems should include a working example of what you want to accomplish using FFmpeg and/or AviSynth. It is then much easier to find a way to incorporate it into FFAStrans. That is not to say I wont help you but if you fail to follow this guideline you are not guaranteed my attention. Hope this is respected and understandable to all on this forum.