The free automated transcoder.

What is FFAStrans?

FFAStrans is an unattended Windows tool aimed at broadcasters and video professionals for automatic transcoding of media files through drop folders. It's based on FFMpeg and relies on AviSynth for filters. Also it's one of the few free tools which supports multiple watch folder with separate transcoding configurations. It's best compared with the likes of Telestreams Episode and Vantage, Harmonics ProCoder, Digital Rapids Transcode Manager, Adobe Media Encoder, Amberfin iCR etc. FFAStrans is targeted at those with lots of different media formats coming from lots of different places and wants the transcoding process done automatically.

FFAStrans is created by Steinar Apalnes.


  • Multiple simultaneous workflows with different configurations, each run in separate processes
  • Easy to use graphical interface for creating complex workflows
  • Advanced decision making node to dynamically alter your workflow
  • Use functions to manipulate and extract data from strings
  • Extensive set of file, media and system variables
  • Send e-mail notification with dynamic content based on variables
  • Create custom user variables and statics
  • Run as service or application
  • Start/stop workflows, submit files and populate variables through REST API using JSON
  • Monitor, pause/resume and abort jobs through REST API using JSON
  • Apply loudness control according to EBU-R128
  • Read text files into user variables
  • Encode broadcast formats like XDCAM-HD, AVC-Intra and DNxHD
  • Broadcast quality PAL <> NTSC conversions
  • Process and conform audio without touching the video (transwrap)
  • Generate any kind of text file populated and altered with variables
  • Configure FFAStrans to read and QuickTime reference files
  • Insert video or stills images
  • Convert images into video
  • Monitor local or UNC paths and FTP
  • Monitor camera file structures from Panasonic P2, Canon-XF and GoPro
  • Create custom FFMpeg based encoder profile
  • Overlay watermark and transparent video
  • Preserve timecode throughout transcoding
  • Add superimposed timecode just like real broadcast VTR's
  • Insert custom AviSynth script
  • Execute any DOS command from within workflow
  • Set up transcoding farms for distributed files transcoding

Download latest 64 bit package

Download latest 32 bit main files

This is just the FFAStrans files. The main package is needed for all users. Replace the files in the main package with this download

What's new in version


Patch download only! Includes both the default x64 and x86 versions.

  • Fixed a bug that caused FFAStrans to reprocess files from FTP monitor.
  • Fixed some issues with the "YouTube"-decoder not always fetching the correct media streams.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes causes the FFAStrans workflow manager to crash.
  • Fixed a bug regarding excluded hosts starting new jobs.

What's new in version 0.9.4?


  • The main FFAStrans package now ships with 64 bit builds as default. Separate 32 bit FFAStrans files only are available as additional download.
  • Added option to run with and exit FFAStrans Workflow Manager to tray icon.
  • FFAStrans now show ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) status on encoding/buffering actions.
  • The "Folder"-delivery node now has the option to move instead of copying the source to the destination.
  • Added new growing files detection method. Continuous monitoring of changing file size.
  • Added option to force Title Case in the delivery nodes.
  • Added option to just set playback frame rate in the "FPS Convert"-node. Implies no fps conversion.
  • Max CPU roof extended to 100%. Use with care!
  • Added $xxhash() function for fast hashing of large files.
  • Several FFAStrans executables replaced with a3x files in order to reduce the risk of false anti virus detections.
  • Improved method for detecting growing files.
  • Exiting FFAStrans farm now also works when running as service.
  • Fixed several bugs regarding user variables that was not properly imported, exported and exposed in FFAStrans.
  • Fixed many API bugs and inconsistencies.
  • The interlace analyzer in some encoders was broken.
  • The help section for setting user variables was missing.
  • + Lots of other minor improvements and fixes.

What's new in version


  • The "AVC-Intra" and "H264" encoders had wrong x264 options set causing incompatible files with some systems.

What's new in version


  • The "IMX D-10"-encoder produced files that showed blocky artifacts when imported into Avid. Was fixed in 0.8.1 but reappeared in 0.9.0.
  • The loudness analyzer was broken.

What's new in version 0.9.3?


  • Added option to add custom x264 ffmpeg-options in the "H.264" encoder to tune the encoder to your specific needs.
  • Replaced the "Audio layout" design with a new that's more flexible and understandable; separate options for discrete tracks and channels.
  • Added option to wrap broadcast formats with the BBC BMX wrapper, available as "MXF (BMX)" in the encoders "Wrapper" drop down menu.
  • Files wrapped with the BBC BMX wrapper will now honor audio layout except when creating Avid files.
  • Much faster FFAStrans manager startup when loading lots of workflows.
  • Password protected workflows now finally works again.
  • Some improvements to the routines for picking up new files.
  • Fixed an issue that caused all submitted files to start processing without finishing the first.
  • The mov-wrapper in the "XDCAM-HD"-encoder was broken and could produce incompatible files.
  • The mixdown.avs needed by the "Channel Mapper"-filter was missing.
  • The previous version of FFAStrans was shipped with an ffms2 with several issues.
  • The "Panasonic P2"-monitor muxed NTSC DV sources with the wrong field order. Was upper, supposed to be lower.
  • Fixed a memory leak in the routine for forgetting monitored files. Caused the def_runner.exe to use excessive memory.
  • The "DV/DVCPRO"-encoder delivered faulty source names to the next node.
  • Fixed a bug that made it difficult to manipulate string variables containing quotation marks.
  • Fixed a bug that caused running workflows to not pick up changes in the monitors settings.
  • + Many other minor fixes and improvements.

Patch update


  • Bug caused the loudness conform option in applicable encoders to not work.

What's new in version 0.9.2?


  • You can now specify custom start time code on the XDCAM-HD, IMX-D10, DV, AVC-Intra and DNxHD encoders.
  • FFAStrans now supports video stream copying (transwrapping) on the XDCAM-HD, IMX-D10, DV, AVC-Intra and DNxHD encoders. Audio will still be processed as normal. Note that this does NOT work when using the "A/V Decoder"
  • Improved "GoPro"-monitor support. Should now read most GoPro models.
  • Added "s_v_profile" and "s_a_profile" variables for video and audio profiles.
  • General quality improvement in the XDCAM_HD and DVD encoders.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the %s_original_path~n% to stop working. %s_original_path~0% will now return empty string.
  • Fixed a video bit rate bug in the "DVD" and "Windows Media" encoders.
  • Setting custom port for the rest-API did not work.
  • Fixed an issue regarding aborting files failing to be delivered.

Patch update


  • The encoders that delivers Avid-structure files was broken.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused encoders to encode "forever" on some broken media files. Now gives an error instead.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused farm hosts, sharing same work cache, to corrupt jobs.

What's new in version 0.9.1?


  • Added option to the "Folder"-monitor to synchronize history cache with actual existing files.
  • FFAStrans can now pause and resume jobs from the "Status Monitor" and the web API.
  • FFAStrans now supports submitting files from passive manager GUI running on a non processing host.
  • Small speed improvements on converting video within the same component signal type.
  • Added %s_month% for month names January to December.
  • Added %s_weekday% for day names Sunday to Saturday.
  • The XDCAM-HD video format flag "component" was not set correctly.
  • A bug caused the "Panasonic P2", "Canon XF" and "GoPro" monitors to stop working.
  • The "H264"-encoder did not correctly save audio layout. It was locked to 1x2 by legacy reasons.
  • Fixed some aspect aware resizing issues present on some encoders.
  • The "Hold" node did not work when synchronizing branched workflows and some branches exited before the "Hold" node.
  • Fixed a bug that caused hosts excluded from a workflow to use too much CPU. Supposed to use close to zero.
  • The "YADIF 2X" option in the "Deinterlace"-filter did not produce double framerate.
  • Removed dependencies for the old and outdated/unsupported LeakKernelDeint AviSynth plugin.

What's new in version


  • Avid project implementation in the "XDCAM-HD"-encoder did not work properly.
  • The "Watermark" and "Videolayer" filters did not handle interlaced video correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with "Populate variables" that caused an error when it should not.
  • The %s_original_path~n% variable caused crash on invalid ~n-numbers.
  • The "Remove monitored file record..." workflow option was removed and replaced, but was left unfinished and undocumented.

What's new in version


  • Fixed a serious bug (in that caused several encoders to break when going drop-frame to non-dropframe.
  • Fixed some issues with the "A/V Media"-decoder that caused it to not decode properly some non-standard media.

What's new in version


  • Fixed bad implemantation of the new %s_pickup_record% variable: Had two colliding and inconsistent implementations. Replaced it with %s_pickup_file% and %s_cache_record%. %s_pickup_file% now represent the original file picked up by the monitor. %s_cache_record" represent the full path to the cache history record created by the monitors. Deleting this file through the "Command executor"-node will make FFAStrans reset the history cache for that file/job. WARNING: Wrong usage can lead to FFAStrans going through the same file in a loop if the original file still exists.
  • The wrapper selector in the "H.264"-encoder was disregarded when encoding.
  • The documentation stated the possibility to use "2x2" audio layout in the "Audio extractor"-node but it was not present. It's now added along with several new layouts.
  • Fixed some bugs regarding evaluation of user variables.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause some processor nodes to be corrupt when removing nodes from a workflow.
  • Fixed a bug that caused excluded hosts in a farming environment to pick up new files.
  • Selecting other then "Auto" and "Same as source" as display aspect in the "H.264"-encoder node did not work.
  • The "A/V Media"-nodes buffering of higher than 8 video bit depths was broken.
  • Fixed a timecode issue that in some rare cases caused the encoders to fail.

What's new in version


  • FFAStrans now correctly detects and compensate for rotated video (from smart phone etc.).
  • Fixed a bug that caused the "H.264"-encoder to have lower volume on the first channel.
  • The FFAStrans REST-API Service could in some cases not be installed properly from the GUI.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the def_runner.exe to write logs when it was not supposed to.
  • Fixed a bug in the automatic display aspect detection in the "H.264" and "Windows Media" encoders.

What's new in version 0.9.0?


Important notice:
Please remember to backup your existing installation before upgrading!

  • NEW:
    • "Loudness"-node: Analyze loudness according to EBU R128 and store values in variables for later use and reporting.
    • Apply EBU R128 loudness control to all video/audio encoders (except the "Custom FFmpeg").
    • Resize video/images to fill or fit to encoder dimensions while keeping original aspect ratio.
    • "GoPro"-monitor: Monitor and concatenate GoPro-files.
    • "Audio extraction"-encoder: Encoder for extracting and converting audio streams and layouts to separate files.
    • New functions: $base64(), $urlencode(), $jsonencode(), $readarray(), $guid(), $abs(), $dec(), $hex(), $log() and $random(). See help section for description.
  • Easy installation/removal of the REST-API service.
  • The "FTP"-monitor now supports recursive paths.
  • The "XDCAM-HD", "IMX-D10", "DV/DVCPRO" encoders now supports Avid files creation.
  • The "Panasonic P2"-monitor can now merge all files on one card into one file.
  • Improved PAL <-> NTSC frame rate conversions.
  • New status field showing if processing and API service is run as service, application, disabled or neither (passive mode).
  • Cleaned up the encoder guis for more consistent layout.
  • FFAStrans now has separate configuration options for global (General) and local (Host) settings.
  • Added "Dissolve" in/out to the "Insert media"-filter.
  • Added quality selection to the "YouTube"-decoder. Select various resolutions with or without HDR.
  • Added frame rate, pixel aspect and display aspect to the "H.264" and "Windows Media"-encoders.
  • Added option to use 702 as active video width on SD encoders.
  • Added video size, audio channel layout, to the "Windows Media"-encoder.
  • Added audio sample rate to the "DVD iso-file"-encoder and changed the name of the node to just "DVD".
  • Added option in the workflow properties to control media processing timeout.
  • Added the variables %s_mxf_op% for checking OP in MXF files and %s_mxf_version% for MXF version.
  • Added %s_a_layout% variable for audio stream/channel layout. Returns array with channels pr. stream.
  • Added %s_pickup_record% variable that represent the file picked up by the monitor nodes. Useful for .lnk, .xml etc.
  • Added version information on all FFAStrans services in the "About" section.
  • Removed nonworking/obsolete audio "VBS/CBS" option in the "Windows Media"-encoder.
  • Removed the "Media Distribution" delivery node. It will work but is no longer selectable, maintained or supported. Use Conditionals and media variables instead.
  • Fixed an error that sometimes caused wrong field order on AVC-Intra.
  • Fixed a bug that caused nodes, set to execute on success, to execute on error.
  • Fixed some bugs regarding the "FTP"-monitor accept and deny files options.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the "FTP"-monitor to not correctly connect to UTF8 capable servers.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the "FTP" monitor to default to root if the monitored sub folder was moved or deletedv
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused FFAStrans to crash when exiting a node gui.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the monitor service (def_runner.exe) to crash.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the "YouTube"-decoder to exit abnormally.
  • Fixed a bug that caused manually submitted links to not work correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where submitting many files could cause the message box to get too large for display.
  • Fixed the "Can not locate source" issue.
  • Fixed an issue with constant video bitrate in the "Windows Media"-encoder and renamed the option to "VBR/CBR".
  • Fixed an issue that could cause invalid Avid clip names in the "DNxHD"-encoder node.
  • + Many other minor fixes and improvements.

Patch update!


  • Fixed more issues ( with evaluation in the "Conditional" and "Populate variables".
  • The DVD-encoder overrided the audio type setting and thus allways created AC3 audio.
  • The REST API did not hook onto all local IP adresses.
  • The FTP monitor was broken. (Fix from
  • The status percentage in the FTP and file monitor/delivery was broken.(Fix from

What's new in version


  • The "YouTube"-node can now be set to download video and/or video.
  • The $exist() function will now also return folders.
  • The "Folder"-monitor node now supports windows shortcut files (.lnk).
  • Added user option in FFAStrans configuration to warn when deleting nodes and/or connections. Default is off.
  • Added user option in FFAStrans configuration to warn when saving workflows with unconnected nodes. Default is off.
  • Added Ctr+X to delete workflows and multiple selected nodes.
  • Added the variable "%i_intra" to detect if media is intra frame based.
  • Improved unicode support in FTP.
  • FFAStrans now defaults to 64 bit Avisynth on 64 bit OS. Can still be forced to 32 bit.
  • Added warning on unbalanced quotes in the "Command executor"-node.
  • FFAStrans does no longer need the MS C++ 2015 Redistributable package.
  • Fixed several evaluations inconsistencies in the "Conditional" and "Populate variables" nodes.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes made FFAStrans crash when opening the "Populate variables".
  • Fixed some GUI redrawing issues.
  • The "FTP"-nodes path browser did not work with some special username/password characters.
  • The "Create folder" in the monitors did not work properly with statics.
  • + Several minor improvements and fixes....and a REST API.

What's new in version


  • Revised node execution logic and much faster on some complex workflows.
  • Processor nodes can now be changed into another without loosing connections.
  • Added username, password, unsecure connection, don't use certificates and config file to the "YouTube"-decoder.
  • Added the variable "%s_original_drive%" which returns drive or UNC server in from the original file name.
  • Improved cleaning up after jobs that aborted abnormally.
  • FFAStrans will now properly export and import user variables. Existing variables will NOT be overwritten.
  • FFAStrans did not correctly detect growing files with a semicolon (;) in the file name.
  • The "Avid DNxHD"-encoder did not set encoding date on output file.
  • Fixed a bug that caused user-aborted workflows not to abort if nodes finished too fast.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused FFAStrans to move workflows back from where they just had been moved.
  • The "Stills"-decoder was broken. Also added the x68 mode and "Force 8 bit" option to the node.
  • The "IMX D-10"-encoder produced files that showed blocky artifacts when imported into Avid.
  • The "Hold"-node failed when waiting for files from variables.

What's new in version


Patch download only!

  • Added "%s_wf_name%", "%s_orignal_path~1%" and "%s_original_name%" as defaults in the "Project", "Tape" and "Clip" fields of the "Avid DNxHD" encoder.
  • Fixed a bad error that caused FFAStrans to display a message when using some functions.
  • FFAStrans displayed wrong version number.

What's new in version


  • Added "Force 32bit dependencies" in the "Special"-settings tab to force 32 bit workflow.
  • Changed codec id on DV25-encoded MXF-files for improved compatibility.
  • Removed the ability to choose incompatible 720p23.98/25/29.97 in "AVC-Intra"-encoder 200Mbit mode.
  • The "Populate variables"-node lost custom node/description when changing it's setting.
  • FFAStrans sometimes crashed when exporting workflows.
  • Fixed some issues where FFAStrans did not distinguish between upper and lower case.
  • The "DNxHD"-encoder did not create the number of audio channels selected in Avid mode.
  • Fixed a color space issue with some full range formats from DSLR and GoPro cameras.

What's new in version


  • Fix a bug where FAStrans sometimes produced video where the first frame repeated once and the last one was missing.
  • FFAStrans crashed when exporting workflows without having any user variables.
  • Fixed a problem where the "DNxHD" encoder tried to create invalid audio channel counts.
  • Fixed a problem that sometimes caused the "Folder" and "FTP" delivery nodes to create invalid file names.
  • The "Stills" encoder did not produce any distributed frames if the frame count was smaller then the distribution count.
  • The "Stills" encoder did not produce any interlaced frames source height was not divisible by 4.
  • The "DVD-iso" encoder accidentally created an extra audio stream.
  • The "DVD-iso" encoder would sometimes produce wrong color range.
  • The wrong "mixdown.avs" was distributed with the 0.8.0 release.

What's new in version 0.8.0?


Important notice:
FFAStrans now use the AviSynth+ branch as default AviSynth. You might need to install the "Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015"-package" to get it working. 

The "MP4"-encoder has changed name to "H.264" and the MPEG4 codec is no longer selectable in the node. It will still work with earlier "MP4"-nodes where MPEG4 is selected.

  • NEW: String, number and file functions. Use functions to manipulate strings or/and numbers in the "Conditional" and "Populate variables" nodes.
    • Populate variable with text from file
    • Check if files exists
    • Use regular expressions to extract text
    • Replace string with string
    • Force upper/lower case
    • Check string/number validity
    • Add/remove leading/trailing characters
    • Capitalize Text
    • +++
  • NEW node: "Hold". Syncronizes workflow, wait for a specified amount of time or wait for specific file(s).
  • NEW node: "HTTP communicate". Sends a text string to an URL and save reply in user variables.
  • NEW: Encoders will now use 64 bit encoding when possible.
  • NEW: Host inclusion/exclusion in any workflow: Dedicate specific host to specific workflows
  • NEW: Passive mode: Run the FFAStrans manager without acting as a transcoder. See main help.
  • NEW: Set your own custom names on processor nodes.
  • NEW: Add easily viewable description to your workflows.
  • NEW: Shut down entire farms from a single host.
  • NEW: 64 bit AviSynth mode in the "A/V Media"-decoder.
  • NEW: Rewritten audio layout method on all encoders which adds support for many different configurations. See encoder help for more info.
  • Improvements on the quality of standards conversion across all production encoders.
  • Single click on a workflow now brings it up immediately. No more need to double-click.
  • Added: Expand/collapse all folders in the "Workflows"-pane.
  • Added: Filter aborted jobs in status monitor.
  • Added: Job start time column for ongoing jobs in status window
  • Added: Resize options and x,y offest in the "Watermark"-filter.
  • The %s_source% and %s_success% variables can now be populated with custom data. See variables help for more info.
  • Added: %s_color_range% variable for the color range of video (full or limited).
  • Added: %s_color_prim% for color primaries, %s_color_trans% for transfer characteristics and %s_color_space% for color space.
  • Added: Scene-change extraction and deinterlace option in the "Stills"-encoder.
  • FFAStrans will now remember and set the last selected workflow upon startup.
  • "Check for growing files" are now moved to the node level of "Folder" and "FTP"-monitors properties.
  • Added: Option to omit exit code in the "Command executor"-node.
  • Added: Large workflow name in editor for better visual. It will also light up red on usaveded workflow changes.
  • Added: Option to dispel job instance on failed conditional evaluation.
  • Added: Environment/farming name to the global configuration. Give your FFAStrans installation a personal name.
  • The "To", "Bc", and "Bcc" fields in "Send E-mail"-node now accepts variables.
  • The "Command executor"-node and "Custom FFmpeg"-encoder now has larger input areas for easier dealig with long complex commands.
  • FFAStrans will now try and read the interlacing information in AviSynth scripts and pass it to the %i_interlacing% variable.
  • The "MP4"-encoder now fully support 10-bit profiles with the x264 codec.
  • Added the option to set field dominance and video size in the "MP4"-encoder.
  • Improved general farming reliability.
  • Fixed some file delivery issues with the "Folder"-delivery node.
  • Removed all depricated and non working options.
  • Removed 64 bit ffmpeg option in the "Custom FFmpeg"-encoder. It will now automatically use 64 bit when possible.
  • The "Generate text file" did not return an error if the file could not be written.
  • The "DV/DVCPRO"-encoder did not set correctly set the 16:9 flag on mxf files.
  • The "IMX D-10"-encoder created video that came up green in quicktime.
  • The file/date variables had month and day switched.
  • Monitoring root drives like C:\, D:\ etc. did not work.
  • The "FTP"-delivery node failed to deliver files from recursed folders.
  • The "Conditional"-node caused FFAStrans to crash when it was run without data.
  • + Lots of other fixes and improvements.

What's new in version 0.7.7?


  • Added 2 channels and the ability to select 16 and 24 bit audio in the "IMX D-10"-encoder.
  • The main parent job in branched workflows can now be aborted from status monitor; "Abort parent job"
  • Aborting all from status window now aborts all current workflows and their branches, not just instances.
  • Changed the wording of "Abort job" to "Abort job instance"
  • Improved accuracy on reading start timecode in MXF files and general drop frame timecode handling.
  • The "Esc" and "Enter/Return" keys will now act as exit/cancle and "Ok"-button in node configuration.
  • FFAStrans will now display a warning if you try to create a variable locked by FFAStrans.
  • Fixed a rare bug that caused FFAStrans to crash when adding new nodes.
  • Workflows would sometimes just stop picking up new files.
  • Rebuilding history from manager was not working properly.
  • User variable type "integer" was not set to integer.
  • The history log file was sometimes created with wrong character encoding causing it to display weird characters.
  • The MP4 encoder failed when encoding audio only.
  • The node description field sometimes accidentily popped up when working in the editor area.
  • The "Create folder"-option in the monitors did not work.
  • The bmxtranswrap tool was missing from the distribution.
  • The "Custom FFmpeg"-encoder could fail if both audio and video codec was unticked.
  • The "A/V Media"-decoder sometimes did not properly decode audio streams holding more than 8 channels.
  • Checking for growing files in "Folder"-monitor was broken.

What's new in version


Patch download only!

  • The "%s_original_path~n%" variable was broken.
  • The "MP4"-encoder failed on some frame rates (23.98, 29.97, 59.94...)

What's new in version 0.7.6?


  • Added 35, 25 and 18 Mbit profiles to the "XDCAM-HD 422"-encoder and changed the name of the node to the more generic "XDCAM HD".
  • New improved workflow import/export mechanism in XML format (NOT backwards compatible): All associated templates/presets are included.
  • The workflow list now sort alpahbetically, starting with all folders.
  • The "Command executor" now tries to pick up the exit code of the executed command. All codes above 0 (zero) will set the state to error.
  • Added the option to set the output %s_source% variable in "Command executor"-node.
  • Added progressive to interlaced presets in the "FPS Convertion"-node.
  • The "Stills"-encoder will now set DPI to 72 on encoded images.
  • Many improvements in farming reliability.
  • FFAStrans can now properly supports delivering to paths longer than 255 characters.
  • Improved detection of some media properties, including start time code.
  • Cleaned up the context menu in the workflows pane.
  • User defined node prestes are from now on called "Templates".
  • The "Populate variables" and "Conditional" nodes caused processors.exe to crash if the expressions started with a dot ".".
  • Fixed some bugs when evaluating expressions in the "Populate variables" and "Conditional" nodes.
  • Fixed several bugs when copying, moving, deleting and renaming workflows and folders in the FFAStrans manager.
  • The "DV/DVCPRO"-encoder was broken when using the "A/V Media"-encoder.
  • FFAStrans did not return AviSynth errors properly.
  • Some network files was not always picked up.
  • The "Remove original from history cache"-option in workflow properties did not work properly.
  • + Several other fixes and improvements.

What's new in version 0.7.5?


  • Huge speedimprovements on picking up files form VERY large monitored folder structures.
  • File deliveries and localizations now show progress in prosentage. This step will now also support aborting from the status monitor.
  • Transcoding now show percentage and speed (realtive to playback frame rate) in the status monitor.
  • Added option to the "Create text file"-node for appending text to existing file.
  • Added option to the "Create text file"-node for setting source to text file. The text file will now become the input source to a subsequent node.
  • Improved the "Timecode"-filter visuals.
  • Improved accuracy in detecting frames per second and length of media in frames.
  • Improved general reliability in all monitors and growing file detection.
  • Fixed some faulty logic in the node execution method.
  • Several input fields in filter nodes did not accept variables input.
  • The "Run on" days in workflow configuration was not drawn correctly. Broken in 0.7.2.
  • FFAStrans crashed when copying processor nodes to an empty workflow.
  • The variable drop-down menu in "Populate variables" sometimes skipped the first variable instance.
  • Documentation was missing for the "Create text file"-node.
  • Removed the somewhat obscure "Thoroughness" option. It once had purpose but not anymore.
  • Removed the "Remove from location" option. It is no business of FFAStrans to have an inbuilt option to delete original files.
  • + Other minor fixes and improvements.

What's new in version 0.7.2?


  • Added the variables %i_v_first% and %i_a_first% for the first video and audio stream number.
  • Added the option to mux P2 content from the "Panasonic P2"-monitor to MOV.
  • Processor node setup windows now appear right beneath the node box.
  • Fixed a bug that caused user variables to not get populated with strings.
  • Fixed another bug in the "Custom FFmpeg"-encoder that made it fail when no extension was specified.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some of the nodes to not warn when leaving without saving preset.
  • The "Panasonic P2" and "Canon XF" monitores sometimes choked on paths with "strange" unicode characters.
  • Several message boxes was not set as topmost window causing them sometimes to "disappear".

What's new in version 0.7.1?


  • NEW node: Send mail.
  • The "Command executor"-node now tries to output stdout and stderr to status monitor.
  • Added "FFAStrans" variables "%s_prev_node%" for the name of the previous node and "%s_error%" for the last error message/state.
  • Removed the annoying "You have badly formated variables!" warning introduced in 0.7.0.
  • Audio layout was not saved in the "DNxHD"-encoder.
  • The "MP4"-encoder did not properly set start TC from original media.
  • Fixed a bug in the "Custom FFmpeg"-encoder when using media variables.
  • The "Select none" in workflow-editor was not enabled correctly.
  • Fixed some metadata issues with the encoders.

What's new in version 0.7.0 beta?


  • NEW: Extensive set of file and media properties variables.
  • NEW: Easily insert and autoselect variables in supported input fields.
  • NEW: Create user variables and statics.
  • NEW node: Conditional decision making.
  • NEW node: Populate user variables.
  • NEW node: Generate text files.
  • Improved new file detection reliability.
  • Added 16:9/4:3 option to the IMX-D10 encoder.
  • Several FTP improvements and bug fixes. Also added passive mode.
  • Added 4:2:0 restriction to the "MP4"-encoder for increased compatibility.
  • You can now enable/disable monitors in a workflow.
  • Status monitor now remember last used column width.
  • The "Custom FFmpeg"-encoder no longer require an extension input.
  • Deprecated the AviSynth multithreading option. It has never really worked well.
  • The "Remove from history"-option in the workflow setup was wrongfully removed in 0.6.1. It's back and renamed to "Remove original from history cache".
  • Fix: In some rare occasions, certain processor nodes got corrupted when copying them.
  • Fix: Decoding issue when the "A/V Media"-decoder node was not the first media processor in a workflow.
  • Fix: The "Transwrap"-option in the "DVD iso-file"-encoder was broken.
  • Fix: A bug that made FFAStrans exit if leaving an unsaved "Custom AviSynth-script"-preset.
  • Fix: Several slider problems on various nodes.
  • Fix: Disabling and enabling grid caused the FFAStrans manager to crash.
  • Fix: A bug sometimes caused the status monitor to lose its history pane.
  • Fix: Deleting workflows from context menu did not work
  • + Other minor fixes and improvements.

What's new in version 0.6.5?


  • FFAStrans created orphaned files in C: that never should been there.
  • The video bitrate slider in the "MP4"-encoder was broken.
  • Running workflow jobs was wrongfully aborted when exiting FFAStrans.
  • Running workflows got stuck in memory if exiting FFAStrans without stopping them.
  • If logging was turned on, the log size path size kept on growing without being cleaned.

What's new in version 0.6.4?


  • Added several new option to the "MP4"-encoder like profile, audio channels, quality++.
  • The "MP4"-encoder has now interlaced aware encoding.
  • The "FPS Conversion"-filter now does interlaced aware conversion.
  • Fixed another issue where orphaned jobs got stuck in the status monitor.
  • Fixed yet another critical bug that sometimes caused FFAStrans to deliver wrong content in a branched workflow with filters.
  • Fixed a bug that caused FFAStrans to crash when connecting nodes and zooming at the same time.
  • Fixed a variable bug that caused %original_folder% not to work.

Importand update to version 0.6.3


  • Fixed a critical bug that sometimes made the job executor crash. Please re-download latest if you have this issue.

What's new in version 0.6.3?


  • Improved resource efficiency and user feedback.
  • Fixed a critical "Panasonic P2"-monitor bug that made it crash.
  • Fixed a critical bug that sometimes caused FFAStrans to deliver wrong content in a branched workflow with filters.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes failed jobs were wrongfully treated as successful.
  • Fixed some "XDCAM-HD 422" scan type and frame rate issues.
  • Fixed an issue where orphaned jobs got stuck in the status monitor.
  • Deprecated "Backup original" and "Copy failed" options in workflow properties. Use the "Command executor"-node as replacement.

What's new in version 0.6.2?


  • NEW: DV/DVCPRO encoder.
  • NEW: Bypass processor nodes in workflows.
  • Fixed a critical bug that sometimes caused FFAStrans to deliver wrong content in a multi encoding workflow.
  • Added audio bit depth and audio layout to the "Avid DNxHD"-encoder.
  • Added 200 Mbit class to the "AVC-Intra"-encoder.
  • FFAStrans now checks for available storage before running jobs and notify the user in the status monitor if it's too low.
  • Fixed a snapping issue when some processors was outside visible area.
  • + Other minor fixes and enhancements.

What's new in version 0.6.1?


  • NEW: Copy and paste processor nodes.
  • Added several new options to the "DVD iso-file"-encoder like audio codec and bitrate, output filetype and field dominance.
  • Added "Deny folders" in the "Folder"-monitor.
  • Removed the "Delete original" feature from workflows. Please look at the "Command executor" help for replacement functionality.
  • "Panasonic P2" monitor now properly support spanned disk. Check help for more info.
  • "Panasonic P2" did not handle clips with only 2 audio tracks.
  • Added a "Workfows" title bar.
  • Copying text into description field did not work.
  • + Other minor fixes.

What's new in version 0.6.0?


  • FFAStrans is now Windows 10 certified.
  • FFAStrans was accidentally compiled as 64 bit.
  • The variables button "V" and several other help screens did not work.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused processor node labels to not display properly.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the editor background to sometimes change color into a dark grey.
  • The status monitor did not properly restore after minimizing on the task bar.

What's new in version 0.6.0beta3?


  • Fixed several file/folder request issues.
  • Fixed a "Panasonic P2"-monitor bug introduced in 0.6.0b2.
  • The "Custom AviSynth script"-filter no longer throws an error if no valid .avs file is the source.
  • FFAStrans did not properly register deleted connections in the current workflow.
  • Fixed an error that caused "Custom FFmpeg"-encoder to create faulty preset.

What's new in version 0.6.0beta2?


  • Accidentally registered the short keys Shift+UP and Shift+Down for zooming in the workflow editor, as system global.
  • The "YouTube"-decoder no longer throws an error if no valid URL is found. It just forward the source to the next processor.
  • Fixed several other issues with the "YouTube"-decode processor.
  • The FFAStrans icon failed to show on the Windows Taskbar.
  • A console window (that shouldn't be there....) opened when submitting file to workflow.
  • FFAStrans crashed when zooming in an empty workflow.

What's new in version 0.6.0beta?


PREVIOUS RELEASES ARE NOT COMPATIBLE WITH WORKFLOWS CREATED USING THIS VERSION (0.6.0). Also note that you should make a copy of your current FFAStrans folder prior to using this beta.

  • New: Completely rewritten workflow designer:
    • Create advanced, modular, node based workflows.
    • Easy to use graphical interface for inserting, moving, deleting, zooming and drawing connections.
    • Connect as many processor nodes as you like.
    • Snap processor nodes to grid for a tidy layout or move them freely.
    • Color coded processor types and connections.
    • Have FFAStrans automatically arrange your workflow layout.
    • Set individual descriptions to each processor node.
    • Set each processor node to execute on success, error or any outcome.
    • Manually submit files to any processor within a workflow.
    • Arrange workflows in bins/folders.
    • Import and export workflows.
  • Changed the "Command executor" to a global processor under the new "Other"-family. May now be used at any stage of the workflow which makes it a very powerful processor when using variables.
  • Deprecated the "Use original"-option in the "Folder"-delivery processor. Use the variable "%original_path%" instead.
  • The "Suffix" and "Prefix" labels in the "Folder" and "FTP"-processors was swapped.
  • Fixed several reliability issues with the "Canon XF" and "Panasonic P2"-monitors. Also, they now produce muxed MXF-output, in addition to retaining creation date and time code of original source.
  • Changed wording from "CPU usage" in configuration to "Max active jobs", which is more descriptive of this feature.
  • "Custom FFmpeg"-encoder did not properly deal with pipe "|" characters.
  • The "Media Distributor" did not work as expected.
  • + fixed other program and documentation issues.

What's new in version 0.5.2?


  • Support for selecting multiple files to submit manually.
  • Added filter in monitor for showing "Success" or failed files.
  • FFAStrans will now trigger new jobs according to priority setting in each workflow.
  • Added the variable %recursed_path% to preserve the recursed path from the monitor.
  • Added the variables %YD% numeric day of year and %WD% for numeric day of week.
  • Expanded pad and crop settings to max 8000.
  • Fixed an error in "YouTube"-decoder where it sometimes did not download the best quality.
  • Fixed some problems with using path-variables in conjunction with FTP-Delivery.
  • + Other minor bugfixes.

What's new in version 0.5.1?


  • Full unicode support.
  • Improved monitoring reliability .
  • FFAStrans no longer depends on ffmbc for creating XDCAM-HD 422 and IMX-D10 files.
  • FFAStrans now adds "Encoded date/creation_time"-metadata to all encoded media.
  • Improved some error feedback when encoding fails.
  • Backup folder did not work as expected.
  • Fixed a serious bug in the "AVC-Intra 50/100"-encoder when encoding media without audio.
  • Fixed an fps conversion issue with the "AVC-Intra 50/100"-encoder.
  • Fixed a rare inconsistency bug when cleaning up file history.
  • Fixed a problem with detecting some color spaces.

What's new in version 0.5.0?


  • Enhanced preliminary unicode support.
  • Fixed a bug when using "Localize file" in "FTP" and "Folder" monitors.
  • Removed old legacy function that created a hard coded folder structure when backing up orignal
  • Added missing xvidcore.dll for the ffmbc executable.
  • Fixed ffmbc-crash when using cores > 16.
  • Fixed an error dealing with 0 (zero) channel audio streams.
  • Fixed a drop frame time code conversion issue.
  • Fixed an interlace-bug in the "IMX D-10" encoder.
  • Other minor bug-fixes.

What's new in version 0.5.0beta2 ?


  • Fixed a bug when selecting folder to copy faild jobs that caused FFAStrans to crash.
  • Fixed a bug that caused FFAStrans main and monitor window to sometimes open incorrectly.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the in-program help scroller to not work properly.
  • Fixed an issue with detecting drop-frame time code.
  • Fixed a variable bug in "Custom FFmpeg"-encoder.
  • Fixed an audio routing bug when using "Audio Channel Mapper"-filter.
  • Fixed color conversion issues on several encoders.
  • Fixed several issues regarding encoding without the "A/V Decoder".

What's new in version 0.5.0beta ?


  • New monitor:Panasonic P2.
  • New monitor:Canon XF.
  • New encoder:AVC-Intra 50/100.
  • New encoder:Avid DNxHD with option to deliver straight to Avid projects.
  • Added option to drop extension on "FTP" and "Folder" delivery.
  • Added the variable variant "%original_path~n%" for retrieveing parent folder names.
  • Added the variable "%m_tc_start%" for start time code of original media.
  • Added the option to use original media start time code as source and force FPS in the "Timecode" filter.
  • FFAStrans now preserves start time code of original media throughout the encoding process.
  • FFAStrans main window and monitor now remembers last window postion and size.
  • Rewamped the guis so that they don't flicker when resizing.
  • Fixed a "Command Executor"-bug so that it now show console output.
  • Fixed a bug that caused FFAStrans to halt when closing a new workflow without saving.
  • Fixed a bug when using custom fps in the "FPS Converter" filter.
  • Fixed a bug that caused FFAStrans to fail when cleaning history from inaccessible paths.
  • Fixed another cleaning issue with empty work folders.
  • Fixed inconsistent variable handling.

What's new in version 0.4.1?


  • Updated FFmpegSource which gives major speed and decoding benefits.
  • Much reduced idle CPU usage.
  • All Nodes in a FFAStrans farm will now automatically update when new workflows are added, deleted or changed.
  • Added "Aborting job..." notification in monitor when aborting jobs.
  • Added the folder variable "%original_folder%". This is the original path without drive/UNC.
  • All monitors will now discard 0 (zero) byte files.
  • "YouTube"-decoder is no longer restricted to YouTube. Check out http://rg3.github.io/youtube-dl/supportedsites.html for complete list.
  • Fixed a bug where moving processors up and down in workflow configuration did not work.
  • Fixed a bug that caused duplicated worflows to have incorrect configurations.
  • Fixed a bug that caused FFAStrans to clean up job history list incorrectly.
  • Fixed a rare problem with jobs not exiting properly.
  • Several other minor bug fixes and improvements

What's new in version 0.4.0?


  • Added a note reminder on the "Custom FFmpeg" encoder to add "Channel Mapper".
  • Added option to keep job work directory upon job completion.
  • Improved cleaning up of orphaned files created by FFAStrans.
  • Fixed an error where removing files from history did not properly work when deleting originals.
  • Fixed an error where sometimes audio channels was not properly detected.
  • Moved "Use multithreading in AviSynth" and "Show aberration on success" to the "Special" tab in "Workflow setup".
  • Various other small bug fixes.

What's new in version 0.4.0beta2 ?


  • Fixed error where submitting files without any monitors did not work.
  • Fixed error where manually submitted files some times did not complete when restarting FFAStrans while processing.
  • Fixed inconsistency when switching between "Mbit" and "Kbit" presets in "Custom FFmpeg" encoder.
  • Fixed weird default preset in "Custom FFmpeg" encoder.
  • When copying or creating new workflows their status would not update until FFAStrans was restarted.
  • Added some new file name user variables.
  • Fixed error where "Command executor" did not correctly parse output variables.
  • Improved automatic handling of some difficult files in the "A/V Decoder".
  • Note that this is a BETA version and thus you should make a copy of your current FFAStrans folder.

What's new in version 0.4.0beta ?


  • NEW: Multiple instances of multiple workflows
  • NEW: Support for multiple monitors in workflows
  • NEW: Resource control
  • NEW: Abort jobs from monitor
  • NEW: Colors to distinguish between workflow statuses + progress bar in monitor
  • NEW: Jobs can continue after reboot or FFAStrans restart
  • MUCH enhanced transcoding farm capabilities
  • Logging workflows for debugging to file now works
  • Several other bugfixes, improvements and optimizations. All previous non working options has been removed
  • Note that this is a BETA version and thus you should make a copy of your current FFAStrans folder.

What's new in version ?


  • New delivery: FTP
  • Fixed a distribution error from the previous release.

What's new in version ?


  • Fixed an critical error with encoders that did not process audio when using the "A/V Media" decoder.

What's new in version ?


  • Fixed a stupid bug in FTP Monitor which caused it to display an array for testing purposes.

What's new in version 0.3.1 ?


  • Creating sequence from "Stills" encoder now works.
  • Added some options to decide how to extract frames in "Stills" encoder.
  • When creating a new workflow you will now start by creating a name for it.
  • XDCAM-HD encoder now works without the "A/V Decoder".
  • All encoders now properly map any audio configuration without the "A/V Decoder".
  • Improved built in scalers in IMX-D10 and XDCAM-HD encoders so they are now that of broadcast quality (at the cost of speed).

What's new in version 0.3.0beta ?


  • LOTS of fixes and improvements. Too many to mention.
  • Some basic documentation
  • New monitor: FTP
  • New decoder: DOS Command executor
  • New filters: Audio channel mapper, Color and levels conversion
  • New encoder: XDCAM-HD 422
  • No separate AviSynth installation required
  • Global support for system and time/date variables
  • Supports 32 audio channels.
  • Basic support for setting up transcoding farms.

Projects from previous versions should be compatible with 0.3.0.b but note that the concept of "Projects" has been changed to "Workflows". You should therefore move you projects to the "Workflows" folder.

What is FFAStrans not?

It's not yet another gui for FFMpeg and it's not your average transcoding tool for full length Blu-Ray and DVD movies. For that purpose you are advised to pick up other tools. Also, FFAStrans is made with reliability in mind, not sheer speed.